Facts or Fiction? You Decide…

So I pretty much said everything that I am going to say here in my first blog, but that’s ok. I am a Music Director, Graphic Designer and Mid-day DJ for QMIX 107.3 and KORN Country 100.3 in Columbus, Indiana. I have been there full time since January 2006 and I love my job! Sure it has it’s moments, but what job doesn’t? I still think I am pretty lucky to have such a cool job with some pretty rock awesome co-workers.

I was born in Jamestown, New York, but moved to Columbus when I was around 9, so Indiana is pretty much my home now. I grew up as an only child with pretty normal/cool parents, and I have two half brothers- and one of them is the head trainer for the Anaheim Ducks NHL team! I’m a very proud baby sister by the way! I attended Milligan College for my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, emph. in PR and Advertising with an Art minor. I love to do artsy things as well as have as much fun as possible with life.

If there is anything else you want to know, just ask! thanks for visiting my blog! enjoy!

Sara Beth 🙂


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23 09 2008

I would love to see more of the fashion editor thing or a spin-off for those of us who are “fashion-eesta” wannabees!! Love the “Fashion Editor” blog article…hope this continues. Sara…you breathe fresh air into an otherwise..well, “just another radio website with contests” thing…I love your work!! I am thinking of the way NBC and ABC morning shows compete for air-time…by using “new” formats, innovative ideas…fun things to get the ratings up! Did you see the guy hanging upside down in New York City? And I loved Good Morning America’s train tour recently to emulate the campaign trail. Your style is fresh,young and honest. Keep up the good work!!

12 12 2010

I would like to use your dance party cartoon for the

“Historic Event!: First Ever in the Universe Facebook Instant Dance Party.”

But I feel I should ask your permission..

May I?


27 08 2011
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2 01 2012
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